Measure Pengness on Your Website

Get the Certified Peng button for your content:

<div class='sinatra-like-button'>
<script src='' type='text/javascript'></script>

You like the content? Click the button...

How To:

Step 1: Copy and paste the code snippet above
Step 2: Place the code where you want the Certified Peng button to appear on your web page
Step 3: Upload your web page and watch the clicks count increase
NB: You can have a Certifed Peng button without adding having a tracking account, but you will not be able to access the tracking dashboard where you can create specific tags for campaigns or specific content
Advanced - for tag tracking
Step 4: Register for a Certified Peng tracking account: click here >
Step 5: Login to your account and check your button tag analytics from your dashboard. Click here >





Certified Peng is a new popularity and aesthetics metric to rate content and products. The Certified Peng platform lets content and product owners, and retailers pinpoint what content is trending as peng (news, images, video, products).

Add the Certified Peng button to your content and find out what is trending and what is popular in terms of news and products and snapshots of life. Engage with Generation Z millennials and older (young at heart, with their finger on the pulse) audiences.

Use the Certified Peng like button to drive interest in your product campaigns, content, products, or vanity snapshots. We have a dashboard that gives a closer look at who is liking your content and where. Join the Certified Peng network today.