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Certified Peng Merch

Get peng-ready for 2020! Introduction SALE: £30 (inc. VAT) ( £35 ) NB: Postage: £3.75 (Total Price: £33.75)

The official, exclusive, Certified Peng T-Shirt (the Cee Pee Tee) is available for the discerning fashionista, the debonair mandem, the peng, and the aspirational peng!

It's available exclusively from this Certified Peng website and comes in White, is 100% cotton, with twin-needle sleeves.

Stand out from the crowd and make a statement. It's a conversation starter! Get yours today - buy now below

We have womens (small, medium) and mens (medium and large) at the moment.

Ladies, the men's sizes make peng nighties (they look much better than his hoodie, for real!).

Womens' Small ( buy now > ) Womens' Medium ( buy now > )

Mens' Medium ( buy now > ) Mens' Large ( buy now > )

Karl leigh

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